Become A Vendor!

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For Vendors of the Halloween Psychic Fair:

As an online event, the number one goal is to help you build brand, get traffic, and generate sales for your services and products.  Our online experience is going to be pushed to get even more for you as a vendor.  So, let us work together to improve your ability to get the most out of this Halloween season.


1. Linking Tile on our vendor pages and on our social sites.
2. A full page on our Halloween Site
3. Commercial, up to one minute to run during CEM Broadcasting shows
4. Commercial, up to one minute, Audio for our Podcasts
5. A Prerecorded Show, which we will place on your page.
6. Access to do live shows on our shopping channel.
7. Coaching available to help you increase your social media

*Commercials and Prerecorded show will be provided by merchants.  We can help you develop this, at a cost basis.
This will be integrated into a funnel that will get your shop as much exposure as possible.

This is simple, and as soon as you sign up, we will begin to create your presence on Halloween Psychic Fair, and all related products. 

Fill out the Vendor Application HERE!!