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  • *Moving Through a Tarot Reading Effectively
    *Approaches to studying the Tarot *Reading Methods *The Question *The Answer *Effective Tarot Spreads
    *Creative Thinking *Types of Decks
    *Tarot Aspects to Consider *Card Care *Shuffling the Deck *What is Tarot? *Minor Arcana Key Words *The Forward Spread
    Divination Using I Ching - What It Is and How to Perform Readings - In this class, the concepts of the I Ching will be explored. The six wands will be cast to create the hexagrams of the I Ching and you will learn how to interpret the results of the casting.
    Numerology and How to Do Your Own Personal Numbers - Numerology is the practice of divination through numbers. This class will teach you how to perform your own personal numerology assessment. This will allow you to learn more about your inner strengths and weaknesses, compatibility with others, as well as any bad karma you may be carrying.
    A full month of classes and broadcasts. This does NOT include Seances and $50 Intensive Classes.
    Often considered the most mysterious and dangerous of magical arts, evocation – summoning entities in external form – turns out to be a natural process of the human brain that can be practiced in safe, enjoyable and incredibly transformative ways. This will be a practical workshop and you will have the opportunity to learn a simple and powerful technique to explore some important aspects of evocation. Learn how your brain is already wired to perceive entities and how we can use that innate tendency to further our magical practice and enhance our lives.
    Famed Author and Teacher Byron Ballard teaches Simple Magic (For Youth and Beginners)
    Famed Author and Teacher Byron Ballard shares the fascinating world of Appalachian ghost stories!
    October 29th, 2020 Evening 8:00 pm EST Come celebrate the release of Phil’s new book, High Magick: A Guide to Cannabis in Ritual and Mysticism! The mystery and magick of cannabis is both deep and ancient. As the plant continues to gain more cultural acceptance in the coming years, we have more and more opportunity to explore and discover the spiritual wealth that is found within cannabis. Get a taste of ancient and contemporary traditions as Phil fires up a session of information, ritual, and mind-bending fun. Expect a blazing exploration of cannabis practices from around the world and throughout history.
    Rev. Ravenwolf Greenfield Limit 10 seats:
    Rev. Don Lewis Limit 10 seats
    Rev. Don Lewis Limit 10 seats
    by Rev Don Lewis
    A class like no other as we learn communication, evocation and calling of the spirits and ancestral spirits before the end of the year. (1hr30mins) ​by Rev. Ravenwolf Greenfield
    by Rev Don Lewis
    Focusing on how dreams speak, what we learn and see in dreams and how they relate to our way of lives. ​by Rev. Ravenwolf Greenfield
    By Ser Ed Hubbard
    Working with deity, understanding how the loa work and how they govern the planes of reality by Rev. Ravenwolf Greenfield
    by Rev Don Lewis
    Discussing the food of spiritual contact, how food ties us in the living and the dead. by Rev. Ravenwolf Greenfield
    By Rev. Don Lewis of Witch School
    Feathers are a way for mediums to bridge us to the next life, come learn about the use of feathers in mediumship, how to write using feathers and how they can impact contemporary mediumship. by Rev. Ravenwolf Greenfield
    By Ser Ed Hubbard
    Learn the History and Practice of Clairvoyance
    Learn about the history and practice of reading cards! Tarot cards! Playing Cards! Oracle Cards! Learn about the different kinds of card and how to read them! With Rev. Don Lewis of Witch School
    A full month of classes and broadcasts
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