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Types of Services

* Tarot Reader
* Medium
* Meditation Guide
* Akashic Reader
* Stone Mage
* Clairsentient Empath
* Clairaudience
* Pendulum
* Past Life Regression

About Fluffy

I am known as Fluffy. I am a healer who is on the path of love and self-acceptance. I have been helping people connect to their best possible versions of themselves for over 5 years. I typically use the tarot as a catalyst to connect to people and upper realms of light and love. I show them the best possible versions of themselves and I provide insight about how their past and present can help propel them along a more gentle path.

I work at a small spiritual store along the central coast of California. I am one of their psychic readers. Under normal operations, (not covid times), I lead the new moon circles and meditations. I also help run the monthly psychic fair. I am a member of the Correllian tradition and I am studying Nordic Tradition. My spirit animal is the Wolf.

As a clairsentient, I am well experienced at understanding human behavior. This allows me to connect to people quickly and for them to be seen and heard clearly. I can understand why someone acts the way they do and explain why said actions may cause conflict or discord.
When I work with a person, I get to the core of the situation. I see the underlying issues or wounds a person is suffering from. I work directly with people on several levels at once. Their heart, body and soul. Each part is connected. To do a healing on one, has a direct effect on the other two.

As a clairaudient, I can receive messages from the universe. This can be in the form of thoughts, sounds, images, smells, physical sensations or serendipities. The universe is alive with messages and I am open to receive the information. I can connect to the creator, your guides or any spirits to deliver messages of encouragement and of love.

I teach people how to validate themselves and how to operate from a place of love and acceptance. I see people at their best and brightest. It is my goal to help people to step into that role. At the start of a reading, I usually pull a series of tarot cards to illuminate the current situation and to forward. I connect to your heart, spirit guides or the akashic to see what can be done to step into a better place of love and light.

I specialize in helping people achieve a life of self love and acceptance. I help people identify codependency and why they are seeking validation from people who still have their own self work to do. I provide different perspectives for most party members involved.

I focus on emotions and actions to help people to rediscover their happiness and joy. If I am asked about matters of time, money, love and legal matters, I will help you understand why you are worried about it in the first place. I will provide insight on how to help manifest a more positive outcome by offering a different perspective that may quell various fears or unwanted outcomes.

Please check me out at my FB. https://www.facebook.com/jason.hottel.1/ https://www.facebook.com/Tarot-by-Fluffy-106542907702609/

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