Red Hoskins

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Types of Readings

* Tarot
* Energy Work/Reiki
* Past Life Readings
* Intuitive Readings
* Health Readings
* Relationship Readings
* Finance Readings
* Children’s Readings (with parental consent, must be at least 7)
* Empath Readings/Empathy Work
* Astrology

About Red Hoskins

Red Hoskins is a natural empath, an intuitive psychic who specializes in tarot readings of various decks, energy and reiki work, past life readings, health and finance readings, and relationship readings. Her innate ability to connect with others emotionally is a key strength in her readings. She has worked with people of all ages and even done some animal readings. When she reads you, she will do her utmost to be as helpful to you in your journey as she can.

Red began her psychic journey as a young child when she discovered an innate talent for tarot that was fostered directly by her father, himself a psychic reader, who taught her as much as he could until their paths diverged. Red then took more of a lead role in her journey. Her natural empathic abilities lead her on a path towards healing arts. At 26, Red has been reading tarot for 18 years and has expanded her gifts to include, past life readings, energy work and reiki, as well as becoming a teacher of tarot herself. Red and her father still work together, usually as a psychic team, at many events around New England. You can find them at most renaissance faires and psychic fairs.

Red’s readings focus primarily on health and wellbeing, be it physical or mental and emotional. Red’s goal during her readings is to provide help or relief however she can. She prefers open and honest communication during readings so that every client gets what they need from the experience. Red does not only show the light. She is open and honest about everything in her readings, even the grey, and the dark. She will not pull punches in what she sees, but she will do her best to offer solutions. If you are looking for someone to truly understand your feelings and listen, Red is an excellent psychic for you.

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