Rhonda Russo

Types of Services

* Psychic Medium
* Animal Intuitive
* Astrological
* Chakra

About Rhonda Russo

A natural born a witch and Psychic/Medium/Intuitive as well as an Animal Intuitive. Rhonda’s expertise is in Universal Life Force (ULF) healing, channeling the form of Usui Reiki, as well as Guardian Angels and Archangels. Rhonda utilizes the energy of Crystals for healing, divination and spell casting. Rhonda was inspired to become a Reiki Master/Teacher when her cat became sick and in turn, feel it’s better to teach Reiki so people can experience healing whenever they wish.

Rhonda was born a Sensitive, Seer and Intuitive as she has seen, felt and sensed spirits and ghosts all of her life and has been in tune with nature and the universal vibrations. Since she herself has experienced paranormal activity since she was very small, she set out to learn more about it and share her knowledge with others who may be experiencing similar situations, thus, becoming a paranormal investigator.

Rhonda uses her keen intuition, spirit sensitivity, herbs, crystals, electronic equipment and her protection spirit guide, Rupert Bear when investigating the unknown. Her motto is “Education Replaces Fear”, thus getting to the bottom of the situation and educating the client on how to deal with their paranormal issue(s) at hand. Rhonda is educated in many forms of divination from Table Tipping, Pendulum, Dousing Rods, Spirit Boards, as well as the more modern electronic methods of divination.

​Rhonda teaches and certifies in: Usui Reiki 1st, 2nd, 3rd/Master/Teacher Degrees, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki and also Animal CPCR & First Aid. Rhonda has studied astrology for several years and knows her way around the astrological world pretty well. Rhonda is also an ordained minister. Rhonda has one book in print and others on the way, regarding the paranormal! She has formed her own paranormal investigation group; “Bump In The Night Investigations”, as well as formed another paranormal group with two other ladies; “The Haunted View”. Rhonda, offers lectures and classes online via zoom as well as in person at various public libraries, Community Colleges and Paranormal/Psychic Events. Rhonda has been interviewed on several Radio shows as well as youtube and podcast shows, and was a part of a series of local radio shows with “The Haunted View”.

Rhonda’s Credentials

International Ghost Hunter’s Society as a Certified Ghost Hunter.
International Ghost Hunter’s Society as a Certified Paranormal Investigator.
Frederick Historic Sites Consortium Certified Master Docent.
Universal Life Church Ordained Minister.
Usui Reiki First Degree Practitioner by Rev. Irene Jericho Glasse.
Usui Reiki Second Degree Practitioner by Rev. Irene Glasse.
Usui Reiki Third Degree Master/Teacher by Rev. Irene Glasse.
Usui Animal Reiki by Lisa Powers.
Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher by Lisa Powers.
Correllian Wicca – First Degree by Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell, President of Witchschool & CEO.
Right Hand Path Reiki Federation by Sensei Joseph S. Gracia, Ph.D.
Crystal Healing For Animals.
Pet First-Aid & CPCR Instructor Training Course by Denise Fleck.
Pocket Pets First Aid by Denise Fleck.


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