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Types of Services

* Tarot Readings
* Past Life Readings
* Clairvoyant Readings

About Tatiara

48-year-old Ohio native living in New Orleans. Practicing witch and Wiccan for 30+ years.

I’ve worked at Renaissance Festivals since 1996. In addition to working at Penny Goody’s tarot reading booth and then at her rhythmic ribbon booth where I demonstrated ribbon dancing, I also starred as the fairy princess in the family fantasy stage show “Dragon Scales and Faerie Tales,” with my husband, Albion. We performed at Renaissance Festivals, state and county fairs, and other outdoor events around the country. I’m a former server and “alcohol fairy” at the famous New Orleans restaurant, Commander’s Palace, for 13+ years until covid19 hit. Yoga, Tantra, Vodou, and my spiritual path are some of my other interests.  Hobbies – Cooking and playing piano.

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