Halloween Psychic Fair Mission

Halloween Psychic Fair Online Mission is to provide psychic readings, entertainment, spiritual experiences, and paranormal exploration online for seekers. To create a positive experience for seekers, explorers, and spiritual workers.

With the Covid shutdown of Halloween Venues, this has created great harm to spiritual workers and  businesses of all kind. So with CEM Broadcasting and Witch School resources, we developed this platform to help them out.

Developing CEM Food and Seed Grant program

Part of the income from this fair, beyond paying fees to Psychics, and Honorarium to speakers, will be used to establish a CEM Food and Seed Grant program. The CEM Food and Seed Grant program will provide cash and financial aid to food banks, food drives, seed banks, community gardens, and food-based public services. By providing for the additional costs of doing these types of public good services. This Halloween Psychic Fair will give us a way to boost funding.