How to become a reader for the Psychic Fair

Thank you for considering being part of Halloween Psychic Fair, presented by CEM Broadcasting.  We are looking for Psychics, Spiritualists, and Practitioners of all manner of mystic and psionic arts.  We seek this season to create a place where anyone who desires a reading can acquire one.  CEM Broadcasting, seeks to create positive opportunities for our practitioners and provide exceptional service to our clients and seekers.

In considering this, know that the Halloween Psychic Fair is backed by CEM Broadcasting and has resources that allow us to reach a global audience.  We will be advertising through our many pages, on our many platforms, and directly with our readers. As this will be a fundraiser for CEM Broadcasting, it seeks to be a answer to help all who lost their opportunity.

As part of the Psychic Fair, you will be able to join us during the month of October. 

​So here are the basics:

1. Every Reading will be based on 15 minute increments. The seeker will be charged $25. As a reader you will receive $15 of the reading price.
2. CEM Broadcasting will be paying out every Sunday, for the period of Saturday to Friday.
3. As a reader, you will be able to set your schedule as you choose. During the scheduled time you must be available to do readings through our platform. Our current platform plans are primarily Zoom, but may include others as we move forward.
4. We do not ask or require exclusivity of your services online.
5. Other conditions are included in the readers agreement.

Once you are accepted, we are offering you the following tools:

1.  An Online Page presenting your bio and skills under
2.  Creation of an up to one (1) minute personal commercial
3.  Showcase you in a Podcast under the Pagans Tonight Label.
4.  Showcase you as a reader in a CEM Broadcast Show
5.  Training on Zoom Meeting rooms, and other systems required for Halloween Psychic Fair.

If you have any questions or concerns send an email to